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Delaying onset of HIV to AIDS; 3 co-infections you must get tested for.

By simply adhering to antiretroviral (ARV) drugs and proper management of opportunistic co-infections, many HIV-positive individuals have continually enjoyed a healthy lifestyle. A great example is Magic Johnson; the basketball legend that has lived with this virus for over two decades. Many still doubt if he is truly infected with HIV because of his healthy status. That will be topic for another day. In recent times, there has being a reduction in the number of HIV-related death all over the world but Sub-Saharan Africa still accounts for a majority of these deaths.  What could be responsible for this? Many factors have been blamed especially poor access to ARV drugs and high rate of co-infection among people with HIV. Here, we will be discussing 3 co-infections common among HIV-positive people in Sub-Saharan Africa. Getting equipped with relevant information about them and going for its test as early as possible is the goal of this article.  Let's fir

The beauty queen that defied HIV stigma.

Have you heard of Horcelie Sinda Wa Mbongo?  She is an HIV-positive 21-year-old British-Congolese. Though born in Congo, she moved to Britain with her mother in 2005 and it was there she discovered she was HIV-positive at age 11. She never allowed her status deter her from going after her passion, modeling.   Refusing to die in silence without making an impact, she defied the stigma faced by people living with HIV all over the world. How? She contested the 2017 edition of Miss Congo Uk. To draw the world’s attention to the challenges faced by people living with HIV in her native country, Congo DR, especially in the area of access to drugs and moral support, was her main goal of contesting. And guess what? On April 1, 2017, She was crowned Miss Congo UK at   Stratford Town Hall Uk. If she was able to achieve this, what about you? Being HIV positive is never the end of one’s destiny. The power to achieve our dreams is within us if


Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and other opportunistic infections. Click to read Part 1 of this article. Usually, most STDs do not come with any noticeable symptom and can stay untreated in the body for a long time. For instance, when a woman is infected with gonorrhea, she experiences no symptoms and can live with the infection for years. She can easily pass the bacterial infection to her male or female sexual partners. Painful sensation during urination is one of its major symptoms in men. If left untreated, it can lead to rapid progression of HIV infection to AIDS and also makes treating HIV more difficult in some cases. Routine STDs testing and treatment are highly encouraged among HIV-positive individuals with high-risk sexual behaviors; having multiple sexual partners. Maintaining a healthy emotional wellbeing Living with HIV requires a stable mental state free from worries. Depression is the most common psychological factor


A strong immune system is very important for our healthy living and survival as humans. Its cells act as a legion of soldiers, guarding the body and fighting off deadly infections and diseases. Imagine leaving the doors of a bullion van filled with money wide in a busy market? No armed escorts or even a driver standing close by. What do you think will happen to the bags of money after some minutes or even hours?  Your guess is as good as mine. This is exactly what HIV does when it enters the human body. It destroys the immune system, leaving the body open for other infections and diseases. With Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART), one’s viral load can be reduced, preventing the progression of HIV infection to AIDS. For a healthier living, there is need to adhere strictly to ARV drugs and tips. I will be sharing 3 of tips in this article. Following them will help strengthen the immune system and avoid developing other health complications that come with being infected wit