Overcoming the initial shock of being HIV positive; 3 things you must do. (Part 3)

By Ihegwuagu Peter Tochukwu

Welcome, this is the third and last part of the series “Overcoming the initial shock of being HIV positive; 3 things you must do”.

click for part 1of the series and   click for part 2 of the series if you are yet to read them.

Let’s get going.....

Strictly adhere to your daily medication.

“Once there is life, there is hope”

Adhering to your treatment plan requires a long life commitment. Taking your drug at the right time as prescribed by the doctor is important for your well-being. The goal is to keep the viral load as low as possible to avoid infecting others while you enjoy good health and sound mind.

It might appear difficult because of the side effects associated with these drugs. These can be a little fever or diarrhea or loss of appetite. You might even be tempted to skip daily doses or even stop medication because you feel healthier.


An online health magazine (scrubsmag.com) summed up the implication as below:

“..The medications used to control HIV help the body to produce and retain the white blood cells necessary to fight infection. Once a patient stops taking HIV medication, the virus will begin attacking those cells again, leaving the patient susceptible to infection. It is those secondary infections which typically result in the death of patient, not the AIDS virus...”

With proper care and treatment, infected persons can live longer and achieve their goal in life. Whether it’s getting a job, going into a relationship or raising a family, all are attainable.

I will leave you with these words of a person living with the virus for more than 20 years from an article on avert.org

“When I was first diagnosed, in the mid-90s, life was very different. Treatment was awful, with around 20 tablets a day at high strengths. Times have changed and so have treatments. There really is no reason why you should not live a normal life”



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